Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wow, those crazy jobs are real!

Yep. Agencies are actually putting me forward for those obscene jobs I was looking at online. They really are real and available, and they think I'll be ideal for them.

Just a quick stop at a web cafe so I can print out a map of the next agency I need to go to, I really need some lunch, I'm really hungry. But hey, eating out here (contrary to everything I was told to expect) really isn't that expensive, I honestly don't think you would save a hell of a lot cooking for yourself. Especially when you're just one person, and things go off all the time. And cellphones are incredibly cheap, I was looking at one which was £5, not kidding! It was a nokia too, so I thought about it. I may still be a bit attached to my NZ phone, it served me well!

I'm sharing my dorm with a couple of French girls, they seem nice, but I'm sorry to say I was so shattered last night that I barely got past exchanging names... which I've forgotten already. I was so tired last night I walked up the wrong set of stairs to the building. Seriously. It was only chatting to the guy sitting outside my backpackers, and him asking what the building I was about to enter was which made it apparent that I was in the wrong place! Hahaha jet lag is amazing. Feeling okay today though. The change of seasons has been great, it's just the right temperature here for me, although a touch too humid for my comfort. But the daylight hours are what got me- it didn't get dark till about ten last night (I had been thinking about bed around 8) and then it was light when I accidentally woke up at 5ish this morning! I guess Dunedin summers were like that too, I had forgotten!

Okay time for some lunch and off to my next interview.

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  1. Victory For Sam!
    good to hear you are not dead and the crazy russians do not want to steal you into salvery or harvest your organs:P