Sunday, July 11, 2010

One of the high points of being a visitor here...

is that I don't feel too ridiculous taking hundreds of photos!

I took this one looking over Camden Lock towards (yet more of) the markets.

The markets really were everything they were promised to be, I did indeed feel like you could buy almost anything there. Millions of dresses. I don't think I'll ever buy clothes in a shop here. Or maybe work clothes, but otherwise, wow. So many pretty dresses. Once I have a job....

One of the things I'm loving is the pubs. They're everywhere, on every corner, with cute names.

And this is a picture from Earls Court road, which is (basically) where I'm staying.

I should really find out why it's called Earl's Court, there is probably some interesting reason. Or at least a little park or courtyard or something, which I haven't stumbled upon yet.

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