Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today, tomorrow... not Timaru

Well today I'm off to the science museum. I've got on my stompiest shoes for shoving through the crowds. I would like to believe that it won't be too crowded because everyone has gone on holiday, but that would just be too convenient. I suspect it will be like the Natural History museum was yesterday... I went back and had a bit of a look around yesterday at some of the bits I missed, but I think there is a whole section that will have to wait till another time.

Tomorrow I shall go to the National Gallery. I got about an hour there the other day after wondering around a new part of town for a couple of hours I found trafalgar Square and thus the Galllery, but it was already 4.30 or so. Still I did get to see Da Vinci's Madonna on the rocks... every bit as dark in real life as it looks in the books. And a whole lot of Rembrandt works, which were actually not very intertesting as they were almost exclusively portraits. I mean I know you've got to make a living and all, but seriously, something other than an ugly old duke of nowhere and his wife would have been nice. Having said that, they were very good portraits, detail was amazing. Anyway, I only saw a smidge of the paintings they have as they were closing up, so will go back tomorrow.

I'm off to Birmingham on Tuesday morning for a job trial for afore mentioned CYFS met Plunket job. Managed to get a £5 train ticket which I'm pretty pleased with, you could pay more than that to get across London! Does mean I have to get to a different tube line station by 7 in the morning though. Anyway, it's two days work which I will be paid for whether or not I end up getting/taking the job, and they supply accomodation while I'm there.

So in the interim I am doing some of the things I haven't yet done in London, which are numerous indeed, but the museums and National Gallery are definitely top of the list for me.

Oh and I'm sharing my room with a heard of elephants at the moment. Seriously, these guys are amazingly loud. They got in last night while I was in the bathroom cleaning my teeth-that close to getting in to bed and switching off the light- and they arrive with midnight feast of McDonalds or whatever and make a hell of a fucking racket. Drunk as could be, they decided that because I was a kiwi and so were they mostly then I was part of 'the team'...... one of them stood around in his underwear for about five minutes talking while his mates tried to get him to get dressed. It was kinda entertaining to watch a slightly overweight guy in his underwear getting stuck half way up the ladder to the top bunk, I'll give them that much! Hilarious actually. But on the whole I would've gone for quiet sleeping time. They were even worse this morning, which I didn't think was possible. I was proven wrong when I thought one of them had fallen out of one of the upper bunks... I think he just jumped due to the lack screams of pain and fright that should follow falling out of bed. But wow. Peace had reigned in our room until now, they previous (and current Aussie) boys had been quite and tidy, and mostly outnumbered by girls, but alas, no longer. Herd of elephants in my bedroom. They're very nice, and obviously excited to be here, but just too loud for reason. Ah well.

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