Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spain is not floating my boat right now

I suspect that my issues lie partially with Alicante, and partially elsewhere altogether. But a tiny two-bedroom apartment with two kids who want nothing more than to be outdoors is not my idea of fun. Especially when the weather sucks.

That said, I shall try not to judge Spain by Alicante. I suspect it isn't my sort of place even when it is in the full swing of summer, so being a ghost town is hardly going to improve things. Apartment blocks galore, to the almost complete exclusion of anything else. Proximity to the beach is really the only selling point. Unfortunately the weather is a bit rubbish, which kinda ruins it.

One week and one day to go.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Now I know first hand how kids feel when their nanny leaves. I feel abandoned too.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have made it to Italy.

Germany was neat, I even survived the train trip from Amsterdam to Venice- actually slept all night on the train, which I find mildly astonishing. But excellent. And just as well after being so busy. Touristing is exhausting stuff really.

And now I live I am inhabiting the world of espresso and gelato. So much so that I have been here 24hrs and still haven't had had any pizza. Or other vegetables. The closest I have come since parting with my vegetarians in Germany is a chocolate-coated banana on a stick from a fair in the Netherlands. That or the banana, rum and chocolate sauce pancake I had for lunch the next day. Accompanied by some delicious La Trappe beer. So far Dutch food is winning from this holiday.....