Saturday, July 17, 2010

London does have good coffee!

I just had to go to Notting Hill to find it.
Damn cool part of town though, markets were pretty sweet. Oh and they had 'flat white' on their menu :D The milk was steamed nicely too......... honestly the foam on some of the coffees I've had here you could stand a spoon in. Coffee guy looked very happy when I rejected his offer of sugar. Maybe he doesn't get many people ordering flat whites :) Sadly not a part of town I have any real reason to head to beyond staring at markets and drinking coffee. But it gives me hope that I may find other places... they do exist!

Something I've noticed here is where people take their dogs-practically everywhere. I'll grant that I haven't seen any on the tube, but in shops (one designer store I walked past I think the shop assistant had brought her dog to work), bars, cafes. I watched a husky having a good gnaw on one of those dried out something disgusting toys they have while I drank my coffee yesterday. Some places have signs saying no dogs except guide dogs or assisstance dogs, but not very many. I kinda like it actually. They're not muzzled either, just on leads.

No news on the job front. Weekend now, so I guess it'll be Monday before I hear anything. Annoyingly school holidays are starting, so no supply work for me. There goes my back-up plan. Damn!

I watched the All Blacks playing SA today (8.30am kickoff, yay!), that was fun. Interesting to note that all the Kiwis in the place (except one, who may be very hung over this morning!) got up to watch it, and even the occasionally Aussie. But none of the SA's. I appreciate that not everyone wants to watch rugby, especially when it involves mornings, but even so, I got up to watch, and I'm not exactly a die-hard fan. Was worth it though for sure! I almost cracked open my Marmite for the occasion, but decided to save it for my next destination. I can imagine boarder control not letting me take it somewhere just because it has been opened.
Anyway. Watching NZ games overseas- good excuse for breakfast beer! Not that I had any, but I know a couple of guys who were heading to the Walkabout for the game. I think everyone left at the badger was too hung over!

Ohhhh another thing thats bugging me here is the water, it's gross! Even the bottled spring water from somewhere in the UK that I should obviously know about for it's pure water, although that isn't so bad. But seriously, the London tap water is gross enough to taint my tea :(

On another water-related note, our dorm are being asked to use the other showers... apparently our one is leaking in to downstairs!

Okay I think I'm off to go and hang out in a park or museum or something.

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