Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It never rains but it pours!

I *still* haven't heard back about the Dubai job, I'm giving up on it. If I suddenly get an offer from them I'll certainly think about it, but I'm going to consign it to the realms of history now.

Didn't get the France job, but thats okay. I got a call from another woman today who is going to France on Sunday and needs someone to start asap (Friday if I could) to go with them... basically paid holiday in the south of France, which has something to be said for it. Interview tomorrow evening.


I've just come from an interview with a company based in Birmingham. They're kinda like CYFS meets Plunket and create a private company. They're employed by the district courts to work with families who are in danger of having their children taken off them. That phrase "There isn't a handbook for children"? Yeah that's basically the job. You literally show parents how to make bottles, feed babies, basically how to look after them. I thought that was the whole point of organisations like Plunket and having Ante-Natel classes, but whatever. Apparently that many people really aren't able to do that, so thats what this company do. So yeah. Would mean moving to Birmingham, which wasn't *really* on the list of places to go, but it sounds like a really interesting job, this company have developed a whole new approach to assessing parenting abilities of these families than is traditionally done here (and it sounds a hell of a lot more sensible to me). Pay is really good, accomodation provided.

Oh I'm also expecting a call about another nanny job in London some time today I think. Agency said she was interested in me, so she is going to call me.

Sooooooo options options. Obviously I'll have to decide about the France one soon. It is good though in the respect that I will be able to come back here in September and do supply work until I find a suitable nanny job. But I wouldn't be able to go to Birmingham to even do the trial for this other job (paid work and accom, but not travel). She certainly implied that if I went and did the trial and thought that I liked the job then as far as she was concerned I was well qualified for it, it was more a matter of if I liked it and thought I could handle it. It's a pretty dedicated job, that was easy to see.

Adventure in France for crap money for a month and come back and resume my nanny hunt, or hard job in Birmingham which is still only at the trial stage, which I may well not enjoy for great pay. Obviously they also suss out if I have the right skill set while on the trial.

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