Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not coming home

With an election result like that I feel less inclined than ever to come home. I almost feel betrayed that I leave the country and they re-elect a moron, with even more support than last time. They almost let him govern alone for goodness sake! A slimy git who is perceived as a good 'leader' over sound policy? Come on New Zealand, grow up.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Still kicking around

Mostly just a quick post to say hello and yes I am still kicking about in England. Essentially still looking for a job, although I do have a trial starting on Monday. Hoping that goes well, it seems like a pretty awesome job if it works out, it ticks all my required boxes, although the kids are borderline too old for me- 3 and 5, but I'm fine with that because it means broadening my experience. So, all good really. I'm definitely ready for a new job, can't wait to get started! It will be nice to be back in London too, and the location is totally win. *crosses fingers*

Okay time to sort out Christmas cards and possibly a few presents. I've already got a few from France over the summer so it's all good.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Commentary in society:

Last time I caught a late morning train to London we thought I had found the daytime equivalent to the nutter train (traditionally your last train home at night). That may be true of that service, but today I sat across from a couple of business managers/owners. I did actually contemplate moving as they irritated me with their general conversation. But mostly I couldn't be bothered. The girl across the carriage had an interesting looking book, 'the attack on university' or some such. I put on my headphones and life continued.

I was glad I didn't move, as girl with the book started chatting to them and it sounded debate-y so I took out my headphones. Brilliant, jobs, recession and benefit cheats. That is the best time I've spent on the train, we were joined by an MA student, and an ex-university lecturer, who basically ended up being arbitrator. More train rides should be like this!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Job :-)

Back to London for me!

That's all for now. Much excitement and stuff. I will totally make sure I update properly later this week. There, I've written it on the internet now, it must happen.