Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am SO hot right now

My phone has been ringing practically non-stop today!

-Agency saying I'm the favourite so far for one job (Dubai), only candidate left to interview, find out this afternoon.
-Agency from Ireland saying they have several jobs that I could take easily, were pretty keen for me to go up there. Thought about it, but the pay is a bit low all things considered unfortunately.
-Another agency wanting to forward my CV for this mega-bucks temp job in Spain (Hells yes!)
-Woman from Germany looking for an EMT nanny for her little daughter. Sounds pretty sweet actually, girl is at kindy most of the day, and they have a second nanny, but they'll pay full time, and didn't seem to think the London rate I quoted them was too high (in fact she implied they would go higher!)

Busy busy morning given I only got up four hours ago! Lunch will be well deserved, but not a break I don't think. No rest for the wicked huh?!
Glad I bought a week pass for this net cafe!


  1. DUBAI! :) well done Sam, that's amazing good work. xx S

  2. The Dubai job is kinda cool, but there are all these other jobs I want, but won't hear about for ages compared to that one.... But I haven't actually been offered any yet....Ahhhhhhhhh *so* impatient!!!!
    Will find out this afternoon about the Dubai job, but it's whether or not I accept or hang out for this London job that I'm after (sounds perfect in every respect except the bit where I would have to wait for a week for an interview!) Dubai is good, would be stupid to turn it down without a strong second option, so I'm still trying to get a bit more info about the London job....... I wants it!