Friday, April 22, 2011

I knew Good Friday was a bad day to travel...

But I am eternally thankful for my policy of only travelling with hand luggage wherever possible. May I never need cases!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear naked old man across the square,

I realise that if you are on top of one of the tallest buildings around then most people aren't going to see you. But if you stand at the edge of the roof, contained only by a glass barrier, then you wobbling pot-belly is visible to all those at street level. Please, go inside or put some clothes on.

Your unappreciating neighbours across the square.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Okay today is made of awesome.

I bought a seriously awesome hat, I drank delicious juice, I found a delicious new coffee shop (cheaper AND nicer than my previous one, and less soul-selling), AND kicked ass with my writing skillz of doom!

I am made of awesome and win and am exceptionally good at writing really boring shit. Quickly. And making it less boring.

In other news it's half past ten at night and I'm not even remotely tired. Guess I'll put the finishing touches on my masterpiece of boringness.

Isn't my hat awesome?! I can't believe it isn't mine any more. I think I might go get another one. Except that I spent a week waiting for that market stall to reappear.

I bought new headphones yesterday, they're amazing. I'm not massively into music, so I don't feel the need to get top of the range headphones like some people. And I'm not into brands, not my thing at all, totally distasteful. But I bought some Skull Candy ones because they were extra cheap and Oh. My. God. what a difference! Wow!!! They block out the background noise so well! I might actually be able to hear my music when we go through a tunnel on the tube. What a novel idea!

And a weekend away tomorrow! Wheeeee today is just awesomeness purified.

Oh yeah, did I mention summer hit London like a train today? Boobies and legs every where, along with the somewhat less aesthetically pleasing hairy chests. Summer dresses! Or, more correctly to some, short skirt season (you know who you are!). Heeeee yay!

My Precious!!!

This was my hat for the space of about an hour, I have now bequeathed it to a worthy cause.

In other news, I totally wanted fish and chips for dinner, and here I am eating mango, strawberry and yogurt. What's with that?! It is possibly the most delicious mango I have ever tasted though. And the strawberries are pretty good too, coming from a shop an all.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The perils of morality

I don't know if I have my parents to thank for my moral standpoints, or too much time studying ethics during my philosophy degree. Probably I already had them, I just became overly aware of them thanks to the years of studying them.

They keep getting in the way. I see them everywhere. And sometimes I'm even forced to act on them. Which is fine when it's just yelling at someone across the road until they realise they've dropped their wallet, but it can get so much more intricately involved.

I did something for X with good intentions, it all turned to custard and because Y has no real moral standards, I've ended up being the one who is held responsible by both parties. All I did was try and do something nice, it didn't work out.

I've recently drawn a line in the sand about how I expect companies to treat their employees. I object to such a degree that I no longer want to be involved in the company, but I'm not in a position to actually do much about it at this point, without severely compromising my own situation.

I'm almost ready to stand firm on my line in the sand but I need some sort of back-up plan.

So for now I sit on the fence, swaying.

I know myself, I will eventually channel my stroppy four year old self and make my feelings very clear to all involved. I just hope I can be more articulate and rational than my four year old self. Probably not. But I'll feel better for it.