Sunday, July 25, 2010

An interesting weekend

Well, the Science Museum was, overall, a bit of a let down. So many fantastic resources, so poorly presented. They had cabinets with 20 or thirty items in them, and no really useful descriptions about them individually, so you just kinda went 'well that looks cool, I wonder what the hell it is'

History of medical science was kinda neat, and better presented. The floor on 'materials' was exceptionally dull, and the 'time' area had potential to be amazing, but it wasn't.

Oh and the mice running about the picnic area weren't so great either.

National gallery was cool, no pictures though (not that they had any signs, the guards just got angry if you pulled out a camera). Much smaller than I realised though, only two hours or so and I was done. Loved the french section. Or the impressionist area anyway (which was entirely French if I'm not mistaken). Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, and someone I hadn't encountered before, Camille Pissaro, who I liked a lot. Some of the 18 Century British artists were neat too. Realised I don't like anything Pre-renaissance at all, and actually don't really like most of the Italian renaissance art either. I mean old masters and all, they're great works, but not really my taste, they're quite dark. And I may start ranting if I see another picture of the Virgin with baby Chist and St John. Only so many poses of the scene before they all look the same...

So I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Soho and Chinatown. Well I'm not entirely sure if I actually did make it to Chinatown, I suspect I skirted around it. But whatever, Soho was awesome. I don't think I'll ever be able to go shopping in New Zealand again... shops here actually sell clothes I would want to wear. Quite a novel experience, as anyone who has been shopping with me will know!!! Oh and an exceptionally awesome shop called..... Beyond Retro I think. Unlike other 'Retro' shops who mark up their vintage clothes by about 1000% these were all about the price you would pay for an average dress in an average sort of shop (didn't see any for more than £30) and really WOW some cool stuff. It shall be my first port of call if I find myself needing a ball dress, no competition!!! Oh and the shoe shops.... I'm not generally a fan of shoe shopping, having feet that are often a size smaller than shops order, or just too fussy, but ohhhhhh I could've died and gone to shoe heavan for all I could tell!!! An entire shop full of shoes I would want to wear! Well thats exagerating a bit, I don't like chucks, BUT they had Doc's, Hush Puppies heels (if ever buy heels they're gonna be hush puppies... so comfy!) and a brand called... Irregular Choice apparently. Some of their shoes were totally ridiculous, but some of them were just too cute for words.

So. I would definitely like to be working in London. I'm not generally one for shopping, but I've never before had the choice of so many shops with things I like. Hats, shoes, even bags... It's like I'm turning in to a girly girl or something.

As it is I bought myself a dress, which was on sale, and will fullfil the role of summer dress in my wardrobe while being adorable AND somehow also fitting me properly and looking good. That never happens. I am muchly pleased with it, and I shall be posting a picture when I have time, as I do love it. And I actually did need it, so I don't feel too badly about spending money on clothing when I need to live on it too.

Oh yeah, a (temporary) solution to the work situation has occured to me finally- if this job in Birmingham doesn't work out then I could always be a WWOOFer. I can't believe that has only just occured to me!

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