Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grrr cranky Sam

Managed to swing myself two days off in a row, but it was really one and a half because I didn't manage to ditch one shift until an hour or two before it started so my morning was spent in pre-work mode anyway.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Was well overdue and they guy mostly did a good job, he just cut the edges... well it was a bit straight which just didn't work at all. And my fringe was too long. So I went back in this morning and asked if he could just soften it up a bit, basically put a bit of shape in it around my face, which he said was fine. Next thing I know he is making it shorter all over... Now it is too short! It sounds incredibly fussy when I write it out but it's irritating me so much! I just don't like it.

In other news I haven't been paid yet. My fault, I think I gave them the wrong bank account number. Which would be because my bank opened me no less than three accounts when all I really wanted was a normal current account... So when I went hunting for my account number in the piles of paperwork they gave me I assumed when I could only find one number that it was for the account that I actually cared about. But no. It would appear that I have given them the number for the second savings account... i.e. the one I didn't realise I had until they asked me to put some money in it and I told them I didn't want it, so they closed it. And that is the woeful story of why I *still* haven't been paid. I do now know the numbers for all of my accounts. And I've only got two. Neither of them have any money as yet :( I will have to talk to work this afternoon though and make sure that I don't have to wait until next pay day to get paid... That would be so many kinds of ridiculous waiting a whole month longer. Stupid British, how is monthly a reasonable period to get paid, seriously?!

Mmmmm yeah that's about it really for the moment.
I have a hat, it makes me less grumpy about my haircut.
And sparkly scarf because you can't really wear a hat without a scarf, that would be silly.

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