Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well I've been pretty lazy about updating my blog, I have to admit. But I haven't really been doing very much either. I went to Hereford last weekend, I will post about it later as I have pictures, but I haven't sorted through them yet.

I've had quite a few days off work as I wasn't getting enough rest between shifts. Long and relatively boring story which involves boringness and me getting woken up an awful lot. But essentially I got a bunch of time off and I've done very gloriously little. I've been to the library and borrowed a pile of books, and already finished one (on top of the other two I've finished recently), and that's about all. I made soup, it was okay. I think I'll stick with chicken soup in future though. Ummm what else. I found some trousers to buy. You can basically buy anything here in short version, so I didn't get the ones in the shop, but she gave me the code so I could buy them online, but the ones made for short people :-) I am quite pleased with this system whereby I don't have to get trousers hemmed every time I buy them! Also, I would like it noted how easily I have switched from 'pants' to 'trousers'. Just by the way. It's hard to remember they aren't synonymous here!

I had an entertaining day yesterday, I went shopping in Worcester, then met my workmate at the train station, so went to her place and had some dinner and fabulous home-made elderflower wine. And then went to a film, which was strange. We thought it might be a bit of a chick-flick but it was... well interesting. Which is more than I can generally say for movies involving romance and comedy. It had some interesting comments on society to make, and particularly celebrity culture and modern families. It was called Tamara Drewe by the way, and it was absolutely nothing like the blurb said, but I think better.

I think that's all for now really. No news on the London front yet. I think that will just happen all of a sudden, when it starts. Which is fine with me really.

I shall try and make a post soon with some pictures, I do have most of my waking nights to fill with nothing to do.

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