Monday, September 6, 2010

Hi all!!!

No pictures yet, but maybe some tonight, I'm planning on going for a walk this afternoon.

I am contemplating moving back to London... I've been asked if I would like to join the London project (same employers, they're just starting up in another area). I may go I think. Not sure yet, I will miss my little English village for time off! But there is more to do with your time off in London, when you've just got little snatches of time off, like an unexpected evening off. It isn't enough time to get back to my little English village and back in time for the night shift, so I end up with dead time essentially; I'm neither working nor got anywhere else to be, so I just end up hanging around at work anyway. So London would solve that problem, just get on the tube and go anywhere really! I think I will go... London is still new and exciting. Birmingham, well it's okay but it's a bit like..... Hamilton or somewhere. It's just kinda there... one of the bigger cities, but not really much special about it. Oh and the local accent is going to get me in trouble one of these days, I just can't understand it. Black country I think they said the accent was, and I just *cannot* follow it. Honestly it is *really* hard- look at the wikipedia page! I'm not the only one, I swear!

Well that's about all for now folks... I shall try and take some pictures this afternoon when I go for a walk, but I promised the dog I would take her again, so they might not be great quality!

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