Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gorgeous English village

... and the surrounding countryside as I forgot to take any pictures of the actual town! Well not quiet true, I took some, but it is hard to take good pictures of a town half way up the only hills around unless you go further up the hill which I didn't have time for.This is the gorgeous young lass who took me for a walk on the commons earlier in the week when I had some time off. It wasn't the loveliest weather so the horizon in the pictures is basically a bit of grey blur because it basically was a grey blur... but it did look a lot nicer in reality than the pictures give justice to.
I did love looking out from the hills
at all the little towns around the place. They're all separate little villages I think, but they practically merge in to each other when you get a view from up the hill. It's all so pretty!

And you can see how this gave me a Hansel and Gretel moment, yeah? I decided to explore the edge of the commons because there was this neat little lane with stone
walls down each side, it was all shady and dark
and a bit damp...
Fairy tale house! I think so anyway.

This house at the bottom is where I'm staying when I have time off; I love it! I wish we had stone houses like these at home! But it's like that everywhere here, if they aren't brick then they're stone I'm sure of it. I'm not sure if I've seen any wooden houses at all... I'm sure I must have but I can't picture any in my head.

Well I was going to put up one of the village centre as it is very picturesque, but I knew my photos weren't great because there was a lack of any really good vantage points. So I've put one of the train station. Not the most exciting, I was in a rush to get on the train! It otherwise looks prettier from a different angle where you can actually see the whole thing.

I was going to put some more pictures on here but the formatting on here is an absolute nightmare so I've given up in frustration. And I start work in ten minutes and want an early night! Hope you enjoy the pictures and the formatting actually comes out vaguely as planned, or at least so you can read it.

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