Tuesday, September 7, 2010

English weather really lived up to it's reputation...

I went for a walk in the hills today as I have been advised to do at least once a week since I got here... it was hill. England has actually got some hills, it isn't just rolling countryside. Sadly I forgot to take my camera, so I've got no photographic evidence to back up these wild claims about hills in England. But they were actually a decent walk. It reminded me of walking on the hills above Makara, near Wellington, for the approximately two people who may read this and actually know where that is. Kinda grassy and steep and very windy. Also a tad cold, possibly due to said wind.

Otherwise lovely. Oh and rain. Less lovely. But it didn't really start until we got back to the village, so realistically I could've avoided getting wet by hiding in the pub, as I wasn't yet saturated when I walked past, but I was quite keen on the idea of cooking my own dinner for a change, so I came home, and got well saturated in the process.

Well battery is about to die, but that was basically my weekend.

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