Monday, August 9, 2010

On the topic of mad Brits...

I cannot comprehend the geography in this country. I just can't. I don't dare to try and take a short cut, it is guaranteed to lead me somewhere behind where I started. We have two houses on the same street, and I've looked at a map... the road just goes in the wrong direction. Almost the dead opposite of what you expect. No kidding. I actually turned left in to it thinking that was the end of the street I needed to be heading to. Nope. Needed to turn right. Up the hill. Which totally goes away from the direction I came from on the map. It doesn't in real life, it just doesn't. It doubles back on itself, I'm sure of it!!!

Ahem. The roads in this country are just phenomenally incomprehensible. I dread the day somebody asks me the fastest way to somewhere. I know how to get places, by only because I memorise the route, not because I know what direction it is in.

I do love the fact that practically the only place open on a Sunday to get lunch is the pub. No cafes, bakeries or anything like that, it *all* shuts on a Sunday (as I found out last weekend when I was hungry). Except the pub. They have a special Sunday lunch menu. Which I totally ignored for the £2.99 menu which has perfectly reasonable food on it too although I won't bother with the bangers and mash again, the sausages must've been more bread than sausage. But the steak pie was good, I'll definitely do that again... I think I have a local pub! I haven't even had a pint there yet, only food. What's got in to me?! This responsibility thing... I'm just not sure about it yet... no beer!

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