Saturday, August 21, 2010

I just ditched IE for Google Chrome. How totally liberating!

I love Netty, but she was a bit slow before... turns out it was just retarded Windows IE. But to their credit Windows 7 did offer me alternative browsers which I actually want to use, such as Firefox and Google Chrome. My internet is now significantly faster. I think I will cry when I go back to IE on the work computers. Oh and it has actually taken me an entire week to even notice that I could choose to have a different browser! How depressing. All this time I've been blaming poor coverage from Vodafone but actually it was IE stomping all over my little Netty. I've tried to download both GC and Firefox a couple of times at various points in order to make things go faster, but Windows kept eating them when I tried to download and they would fail to install for some reason... presumably because they were secretly already there or something.

Anyway, yay for useful internet!

Now time for pictures. I shall post again soon.

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