Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey everyone :)

Ahh long time since my last update. Or it feels like it anyway. I've been working pretty much flat out, double shifts almost every day, four, five or six days in a row. Off today, tonight and tomorrow morning. Yay!!! I can do some washing, make my own dinner and possibly even get eight hours sleep. That'll be novel!

I am enjoying it though, very interesting work, and I have really lovely workmates, I like all of them! It would be a very difficult job without them I can promise you that.

I'm juggling money at the moment, I think I can make it work, if only I could remember or reset the pin on my credit card!!! Hahaha who else would go to the other side of the world and not remember their credit card pin... ah well. Hardly anything on my credit card so I can use it fine most of the time, only problem is that only some places will let you sign for it! They've mostly moved to having a chip in the cards here, which I don't think mine has. But even if it does I don't know the number, so I can't get cash from a money machine, only pay for things in shops! Lol ah well. They let me pay for my train tickets with it, and my shopping, so there isn't much I really *need* cash for. But having said that I will now inevitably find I need cash on a regular basis for something. I can tell! The reason I am lacking in £'s by the way is that they think paying on a monthly basis is sensible. Bloody Brits! If I had all the money I've earned from the hours I've done I wouldn't be feeling broke at all! But hopefully will have my money situation sorted soon, I think I should have a UK bank card at home, when I finally get there.

Speaking of home, I'm really just about ready to go. But felt it was time to give a brief update before I disappear back to the black hole of work tomorrow morning! I don't even know when my next day off is, but Monday at the earliest by the looks of the rota! Oh and I'm doing two waking night shifts this week. Joy. The world can meet caffine-hyped Sam at 4am! This should end well... or at least end. Ohhh I'm so sleep deprived, listen to me babble! I slept on a two-seater couch last night, a family who don't usually have supervision at night had to have someone last night, and I didn't realise that the other couch in the office was a fold-out couch... Le sigh! At least I did sleep, I was so tired it didn't *really* stop me sleeping. I didn't even fall off it, which surprised me. Probably the last time I will sleep there though, until we get a new family in anyway. No more couch sleeping for me. *remembers my bed at 'home'* I think I shall go and put some washing on, then I can crawl in to bed earlier. I am *so* sleepy.

*loves and hugs*

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