Monday, August 16, 2010

Two days off in a row!!

How exciting, I can something more than just keeping up with my washing! I think I shall go for a walk in the hills tomorrow, assuming it doesn't rain. Otherwise... well I've got some shopping to do so I guess I could go and explore Worcester. They make sauce there, right?

Hmmm not much else to report on really, but hopefully I will have some pretty pictures to put up here tomorrow, once I've got my camera going again (I have lots of batteries now!). I joined the local library last week, admittedly most so that I could use their free internet service, but I may use the books too. Assuming I get a chance. I still haven't finished The God of Small Things which I read quite a fair way in to before I left London. It's a slow book I have to say. Interesting ideas, but very slow, not what I could call a page turner. I could read it before going to sleep and not end up staying up all night reading. It's an interesting style, but... I'm just not quite convinced yet. Maybe it will have an amazing twist in it, but I have a feeling not... they tell you the end and then rewind and tell the story of how it got to the end. At least I'm pretty sure thats what is happening. Otherwise I'm just terribly lost.

In other news having a backspace key smaller than you are used too is exceptionally annoying!!! I keep going to correct my typing only add lines of equals symbols instead. But I seem to have come to grips with the @ key now, which is good.

Oh and I don't think I'm ever going to catch buses in this country. Honestly I looked at the ones in London and decided to accept the significantly higher costs of the tube for the sake of my sanity. Today I tried to catch a bus to the train station as I was feeling lazy. Looked at the journey planner online which told me there was one leaving Hales Lane at Pear Tree Rd (yes that's actually what the street was called) which was an 89. So I head down to the bus stop and wait for about 20 minutes watching multiple buses stop across the street going the other way. Eventually one turns up and when I ask the driver if he is going to the stop I need he informs me that I need the stop across the street. Great. So I go and wait. For about another ages because lots had gone past while I waited at the other stop. Finally an 89 turns up. Upon asking the driver informs me that he isn't going to my stop (not an out of the way place, a railway station, if you ask me!). So I wait. A different bus turns up so I ask the driver if he is going in my direction. Nope, about the dead opposite. So. I begin waiting for another bus. Not due for about 15 minutes. Then I realise that they don't give change on the buses and I only have about 60 pence. Not enough. And I'm sure as hell not paying £10 for a bus trip, a taxi would only be about £3.5. So I went back to work. My workmate was due to finish in about 3/4 of an hour and she agrees to drop me off at the train station.

God damned buses. Never again!!! Ohhh apparently work are looking at getting bikes for us, I am very keen on this plan, although I think I am going to attempt to fit driving lessons in to my schedual somehow. I don't fancy biking places in the rain in winter. I'm such a sissy!

Gah time for dinner and maybe the pub. Yay pub!


  1. Is it Prattchet's "Small gods" your reading? This is Helen BTW.

  2. :) Heya

    It's 'The god of small things' I forget the authors name, I think she is Indian or something. Supposed to be a really good book, won the Booker prize... just can't get in to it though. I'm pretty sure I would have finished a Prattchet book weeks ago!!! Ah never mind.