Saturday, January 15, 2011


We went down on Tuesday to do a bit of preparation work and get things ready in advance... as we were driving back on Thursaesday we got the call that we are actually going to start on Wednesday!!! And they managed to jiggle things so that we start on Monday, and have the weekend of this weekend to pack and get ourselves sorted.


Can't wait to get down there. Typically I've booked a holiday (Prague!!!) in just over two weeks time. We will get down there, set up properly, start, then I leave them for a week. My poor workmate will be doing it all on her own! Lol!

So much to be excited about!
New job (well, sort of. New company, identical to the old one in structure and purpose, different role for me), new pay (thank goodness!!!), new city to settle in, new people to work with (actually I will miss my workmates here, they're all wonderful), and eventually a new flat to live in. First few weeks we will be living at work, lucky us! Lol tee-totalling when we have to do our job is just unfair, especially at this point when we're just setting it up and have millions of things to do! Haha oh dear. Oh well. Won't be for long.

Prague in a couple of weeks. And my friend coming over too, yayness!!! Just so much to be excited about!

In other news, you probably won't hear from me here for a while, seeing as I will be busy working and moving and sorting lots of things out. But I will update for sure in Prague. Probably before, I've got a few days off before we go.

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