Friday, January 7, 2011

Sun-drenched, beer filled holiday...

Probably more of a sun-less, beer-drenched holiday!

I'm going to Prague in 4 weeks!!!!

I started out thinking we would go to Spain, it being a bit warmer than here, an enjoy some slight warmth and possibly even sun before coming back to the gloomy UK winter. But then the idea of Prague dropped in to my head, and it was Spain no more. Time for Eastern Europe! I'm so excited. It will be pretty, and delicious, and we will need beer to fight off the cold (it's anti-freeze for humans don't you know?) and can stumble from one ancient site to another with numb feet. It'll be great!

My camera is in for SUCH a workout!

There was a possibility to hire bikes as part of the trip, but I figured this might not be such a bright idea in the middle of winter, what with all the snow and ice. Their average February temperature is slightly below freezing (-0.3C) which makes the risk of randomly cycling in to a patch of frost pretty damn good I should think. While a hospital would be warmer, I'm pretty good with fridge magnets and postcards for souvenirs, I don't need a plaster cast.

I love travel in Europe, it's so cheap! The whole entire trip is costing about £450 for two of us, including flights, hotel, all public transport in Prague (yay for the extra pass I bought), and entry to all the major attractions (more yay for the extra pass!). Actually it was only about £350 for the hotel and flights, but the passes should be a good investment I think, attractions were about £15 to £20 each in London! And I'm sure we will use the free transport, we might need it getting in from the airport! But they manage to up the cost in other ways- £11 because I paid by Visa (no, it's not a credit card, it's a debit card. They're just mean.) when I booked online. But I know they usually charge £20 or £30 if you book through the phone, and more still if you go in to a shop, where you might have the option of paying by any other method. Oh. I think I opted for a travel book about Prague too. I kinda don't know anything about it, and I have a feeling I won't have time to learn much before we go.

Anyone feel like giving me a 4-week crash course in Czech online?


Didn't think so.

I can't even guess how to pronounce things from their alphabet, it's too different. I would be better off trying to pronounce French. And that's something really.

Okay time for dinner. I came home fairly early today, and I'm going to have a jacket potato for dinner with beans and cheese. Om nom nom. But it needs to go in the oven now. Jacket potatoes are possibly the best food discovery I've made since coming to the UK. We should have them like this at home, they're great. Other best discovery: don't eat anything from Asda. Ever. Actually calling gigantic meatballs faggots was pretty hilarious. I actually had to refrain from giggling the first time I ordered it. They're proper British pub food. Not gay at all. *snigger* I'm so immature! It makes me wonder if there is an etymological link though. There must be, surely. It's just too funny otherwise. My Mini Oxford Dictionary informs me that they are either a bundle of sticks tied together, or gigantic meatballs (apparently they contain chopped liver and onion. Go my iron levels!). I miss my dictionary of etymology. I knew it had a use! It also makes me wonder about the word 'fag'- I was shocked when I first heard it here, until I realise they were going for a cigarette! But how did that come to be a gay reference as well? It doesn't make any sense really, that they aren't linked. I shall have to investigate this curiosity now. Maybe will help me.

Okay time for dinner. An research about Prague and faggots. Of both varieties, and how they are or are not linked.

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