Friday, February 4, 2011


We are awesome. Prague has an idiot-proof public transport system, even for stupid foreigners. So long as you can find your way out of the airport. *Ahem*

So, we managed to use the bus and metro and then walk to our hotel without any issue whatsoever. I am particularly pleased by this, I like finding the way in a country where you can't even pronounce the words. Four consonants jammed together does not make a word!!!

Mission getting here. Booking a 7am flight from Stansted= bad idea. Taxi to the train station about 4am to get the 4.40am train to the airport, arriving at the airport an hour later, then rushing through customs, security etc. Forgot to put deodorant in my plastic bag, so security insisted on pulling my bag apart completely. Needless to say I couldn't get my things back in to my bag after that.

Anyway, due to unexpected going to the pub the night before, and a little more wine than would be strictly advisable, sleep did not happen until almost 2am...

But we made it! Hooray!!!

Haven't looked at much today due to needing to sleep more once we got to the hotel. But we did find some tasty beer. So cheap here. Soooooo cheap. About £1 a pint. For properly delicious beer. Food is definitely cheaper than London, which is a bonus.

Okay, time for more sleep. I will post some pictures once I've taken some.

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