Monday, January 3, 2011

So apparently I have a sinus infection.

It's not currently as gross as it sounds, but the doctor said I can expect that to change once the anti-biotics start working.

Mostly it just really hurts. One side of my face really aches and is swollen. It hurts to chew anything which isn't quite soft (crusts on a sandwich for example... they were particularly memorable). Not that I really feel like eating anyway, thanks to all the Sudafed and Night/Day Nurse I've been taking my stomach is in a mess and isn't really coping with anything I try to eat anyway. I had a banana on Saturday, and that was okay. But it really wasn't okay Sunday. And marmite toast tastes particularly amazing at the moment, but is really not amazing with my stomach.

All in all I've spent most of the weekend in bed. I only got up today to go to the doctors. And yesterday because it was so noisy in this house I figured I could get some quiet if I went and fed my friends cats in a nice empty house of quietness. Oh, did I mention the pressure headache? It's really neat, head and face aching, stomach not able to cope with painkillers. I don't recommend it. I think I might risk some panadol later, before I try to sleep again. I think I might be okay with that, it's just neurofen that's really out to get me.

Okay, time to go and do some washing I think and then try to sleep some more. Just need to remember to wake up and take some more antibiotics. Tasty antibiotics. Well probably not. But anything that gets rid of this aching face deserves a positive adjective, and I can't think of many for a small, orange-yellow capsule.

So that's my life for the moment, and why there are no pictures.

There would be some of London, but the aforementioned plague and drug-taking kinda ruined my new years. I might tell you about the epic train ride home later though. Serious mission. I'm keeping the ticket as a souvenir.

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