Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One of the signs that I'm really tired:

I get way too excited about things! I think I've over-done it this time, it's 8.40pm and I was aiming to be in bed at nine, and I haven't even made my bed up.

But I'm still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to excited!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend is coming here in less than a month now, and when she gets here I'm abducting her off overseas again before she can start work, and I've just been looking at places to go. I had been thinking Spain, the need for beaches is strong in me, particularly in long gloomy winter. Which is even longer and gloomier here. Seriously, it wasn't light until after 8am, and was getting dark by 4...

But then I had a look on which is a sure-fire way to throw your plans up in the air. The problem with Spain is that it is pretty general, mainly because really I want to see all of Spain. But then the idea of city-breaks came in to my head, and I figured that seeing as we can only go for about 4 nights anyway then we don't have enough time to see more than a city... Maybe we should be going to Luxenbourg! No, suggested Prague, and has now totally captured my imagination! It's not that I don't want to see the rest of the country, it's just that I can't speak any Czech then I would probably be a bit diabolical there at the moment anyway... so we could do a touristy bit which is STILL really interesting and not just full of tourists (I don't think even a thousand hoards of loud American tourists could hide all those pretty buildings). And delicious. And full of beer. We both like beer, this could go really well.

Ohhh I hadn't thought about the beer, just another reason we want to go to Prague. I should really just book it and tell her that's our destination once she arrives. I'm *way* too impatient to wait for her to say yes.

Okay that's all my ramblings for now. Time to go make my bed and stare at the ceiling for a while.

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