Monday, December 5, 2011

A new job, a new adventure

I appear to have finally succeeded in finding a job that suits me- back to nannying, and an awesome job at that! I'm based in South Kensington, i.e. a super-posh part of London, close to all the best museums (seriously, I share a tube stop with the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the V&A), close to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, etc. etc. Generally speaking, the location couldn't be better. Better still is that the kids are pretty good, I have some new challenges, but within my capabilities I think, and I get on with all of them well. But, better *still* is the travel :-D Apparently they travel pretty much every school holidays (Not sure about mid-terms, but that's still at least three trips a year), and at the end of this week, you guessed it, school holidays! Awesome timing to start a job! It seems I shall be spending Christmas in the Caribbean- watch me pretend to be a pirate, just you wait, I'm gonna be an awesome pirate. Especially as I have small kids to dress up with!!! My inner child was revealed for all to see the other day when I realised I was dancing to Abba under disco lights and a bubble machine... and enjoying myself!!! Hahaha six year olds have the best birthday parties (you should have seen that magician!), I think I'm gonna have a 2+5=7 years old party next year. Is that a good enough reason to hire Mr Lolly to come and do my birthday party? He was awesome. AND he gave out lollipops at the end.

Ahem. I swear I will update you on my French holiday at some point. Probably while I'm in the Caribbean. I mean, I don't have the excuse that I'm busy looking for work any more, or that I've already spent all day starting at my laptop. Although I do have the excuse that I 'work' 24hrs per day for five days a week. But hopefully I will adjust to that eventually.

On that note, it is time to go sort out my suitcase for being in warmer places. It's full of woolly jumpers and other things to be replaced by bathing suits and shorts. Yay it's gonna be summer again already! I totally love this job (just wait till I'm dizzy with heatstroke and trying to put sunscreen on crying, screaming children and make me say that again).

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