Saturday, December 17, 2011

Caribbean Adventures part II

The Good:

The Bad:

And the Ugly:

Of the Caribbean wildlife anyway. Those mosquitoes are seriously vicious, the bites swell and go really red, and itch for days! Those ones are 4 or 5 days old now! Hopefully I don't scar!

This is just proof of me on a tropical island. Of course it could be a film set I suppose, but that would be a whole other adventure to tell you about! No, this is the beach at the resort, immaculate of course. Windy that day too, but sunny at least .

And lastly the view from the villa. It really is lovely especially first thing in the morning while it is still cool and covered in soft light and a bit of mist. I love having a view again!

That is all I've managed for pictures for now folks, but when I get a chance, I am so going after more of the wildlife with a camera. I want one with monkeys that aren't running away! They aren't always running away, just when they see a camera. And the crabs. I want a picture of those crabs. They're so cool!

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