Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unexpectedly helpful

Well, I came home to a nice surprise today. The passport office had replied to my email in reasonable time (only a day!) and they not only fixed the name on some forms they had asked me to get my dad to fill out, but they also suggested that seeing as my brother had to get them done when he applied for his passport that they might (possibly, not getting too excited yet) just be able to use his, and I won't need to do them at all. That would be really nifty. They want to know all sorts of things that I'm pretty sure he won't know/remember the answers to. Seriously, they want to know all sorts of things about where you've lived and when and property you've owned, and the dates and so on and so on... it's actually quite intense. So, hopefully, fingers crossed, we won't be needing to do that.

In other news, I can't possibly articulate how excited I am about heading to summer. It's basically rained non-stop for three days or so here......... ta da flooding! It was sleeting between me getting up this morning and getting to work. Luckily it stopped for the few minutes between me leaving the house and my bus turning up, but it started again when I was on the bus! I so don't like the cold....... why am I going to the UK again?! I mean I know it's an immediate fix, going from summer to winter, but really, so far as I can tell, even spring and autumn aren't that great there. I think I will just tell myself that I'll be working for a family who prefer their holiday home in St Tropez or south of Spain or something. Lots of them do really. Anyway, I bet they will at least have better heating.... it can't possibly be worse than here unless they live in a castle or something.

Time to go do some baking or something, I need to become warm somehow, and a hot oven seems as good way as any other.

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