Saturday, May 22, 2010

An unexpected hiccup...

So I was anticipating extra paperwork with my British passport because my parents didn't get married until well after I was born. They've called up to say they would like that paperwork completed please, and said they will email it to me (three days later I have nothing...). However what I didn't expect was an objection to my countersignature. On the notes that accompany the forms they ask for someone who is a "British citizen or other British national, or a commonwealth citizen who is... [insert appropriate professions etc]". It also says that you need to have known them for at least two years. So I got my friend A, a British citizen who I've known for about five years to sign it for me. I, and my friend who has an MA in English both read it as being someone who is either a British citizen, OR a commonwealth citizen with certain professions, even with the obvious alternative being raised. Now they're saying (it would seem) that they need to be a citizen of any commonwealth country (UK or NZ irrelevant), AND a professional of some type, who (she said on the phone) you've known for five years.
This of course rules out A, as he is a student. Now I need to somehow get my friend in Wellington to be a countersignature (as I don't have any professional friends down here... it IS a student town after all!), which the lady on the phone was fine with. Which is interesting as I didn't think one could legally verify a photo without actually physically being in the same room as them at the time. So yeah. They're being difficult about the whole thing, which is really annoying.

On the plus side I guess I could spend more time with my parents before I leave, I'm sure they would like that. Heavens knows I'll need it if I'm going to get them up to speed with the internet before I go ;) *love you Mum* I'm sure you'll read this one day!

So currently unsure about a leaving date. Theoretically the 6th of July, but I may have to delay it if I have huge trouble with passports. I'm pretty sure I can't easily go without my British one. I wouldn't even know what kind of visa to apply for with my NZ one..... an ancestry visa? Lol. Yeah.

I'm a bit scared of the amount of stuff I need to do in the next... three weeks. Oh......... flatmates, furniture, looks like I'll have full time work till then (and I need the money so I'll do it too), got a party crammed in there somewhere. At least it seems that my pack is capable of holding everything I want to put in it without the slightest issue, and has space to spare. I do love it, and it was half price too! Yay for Kathmandu.

Okay I think thats enough rambling for now... time for more lemon cake. I just made a lemon cake. I didn't use a recipe, and the lemons from the supermarket were all exceptionally unripe (still green for goodness sake!) and so utterly lacking in juice for making the syrup to go top of it. But it still tastes okay, probably would have liked a touch more sugar, but otherwise it's good. Definitely a cake.

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