Sunday, May 9, 2010

In the beginning

In the beginning there was a curious Sam...
This Sam was so curious about the world that she handed in her resignation to her kind and accepting employers, and bought herself a one-way ticket to London. With this ticket she hoped to reach the far shores of a distant land, and begin a new life of adventure and travel. Instead of staying in one place caring for thirty young children, she will be caring for only a few children, in their own home, where she will stay with them while their parents are out. She will take them everywhere, to the park, to school, the beach, even on holidays. These children will grow fond of their curious Sam, and learn to speak in her own language, while she learns theirs. It will be a wonderful time of learning and growing, and when the children are grown, perhaps their curious Sam will be a little less curious, and a little more fluent in their language.

Well thats more or less the plan anyway.
In case you hadn't gathered, I'm Sam, and I'm a bit curious about pretty much everything. Much more ambitiously curious than currently looks viable, but hopefully that will change in the next month or two.

In July I will be flying to London, where I will look for work as a nanny. I'm particularly looking at warmer locations in Europe, as I'm really a bit of a sissy about the cold, but on the flip side, Russia sounds really interesting. And they certainly believe in heating and insulation much more than we do here, so it shouldn't be so bad.

After three months of Early Childhood Teaching I'm pretty much over it. Even though I knew I wasn't getting in to teaching as a long-term career, I really under-estimated the dedication it takes for even the short term! It's really hard work! I also find looking after children under the age of six months for over eight hours a day, five days a week really depressing. They're too small, it's a stressful environment for a grown up to be in, I can't imagine what it would be like for someone who can't even roll over on their own.

Anyway. London. Two months. This is where I'll keep you all updated!

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