Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting excited!

On Monday I put all my furniture in to storage, and said my farewells to Dunedin. I have to say, moving furniture in the rain in Dunedin winter isn't really very endearing to the city :/ Luckily Dunedin is full of people I love anyway, so I don't really need to miss the icy rain and frosty mornings. Wellington is noticably warmer.

So now I'm in Wellington (after a two hour delay in my flight on Monday) saying my farewells here and frantically organising last minute paperwork, job applications, and so on. At least I've booked my bed in a crazy backpackers for when I arrive! I'm so pleased with them- they're called The Barmy Badger, their home page has an ode to a badger, and they have two dogs living on the premises :)

Great news on the passport front- I called them on Monday and they said that they would be working on it that afternoon, and I should have it within ten days! It will get to my parents before I do if they're right about that :o

Tonight I'm off to hang out with my dirty commie boys (I love you really!) and watch movies, and have pizza from the Med..... Mmmmm Med pizza. Best pizza in Wellington. Now I just need to visit Peoples Coffee and Abrakebabra and I will be ready to leave.

After looking at my current internet cafe bill, I have deemed it time to wander about town for an hour before I go and see people.

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