Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some new adventures, coming right up!

So, suffice to say the job was rubbish and I have now given notice. I should be out of here in about a weeks time, and I won't be sorry to go. It has been interesting to live in a castle in France, certainly, but there are some things I just can't tolerate, and a hostile work environment is up there.

So instead I will finish out this week, then it will be off to explore France! We haven't organised an itinerary yet, but we are looking at Bordeaux, Marseille, Ummm some other places in the south... Cannes, then up to Paris, and will get the Eurostar from Paris to London. Hooray Eurostar!!! Chunnel! Lol that is something to look forward to at least :-D So is getting out of here.

Pictures of Dinard coming soon I promise. Just as soon as I have time and energy. Currently I have an adventure to plan ;-)

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