Sunday, August 7, 2011

Foreign experiences...

I saw a snake today- a viper it would seem.

It sounds ridiculous, but I actually couldn't recognise it as a snake for a few moments, maybe a couple of seconds. I thought it was a slow-moving lizard, then I realised it had no legs, and briefly thought of a worm (child's concept of a worm mind), or some sort of insect. Then I realised that, like, holy shit, it's a snake! It was a little one, maybe a foot long, and not much thicker than a pencil, and then it was disappearing into the leaves, and a crack in the wall. In the old stables building across the driveway from the main castle.

Sooooo never letting the children touch piles of logs again!!!!!!!!!

Kinda cool, fascinating that they actually are pretty close to a child's picture of what they might look like though, squiggly line which appears to move forward without moving at all. More than a little surreal.

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  1. You're not in London right now, are you? I hope you're safe and well.

    - Matty.