Monday, June 28, 2010

I may actually melt

I just looked at the weather forecasts for London and Moscow for the next week or so.... neither of them are predicted to have a day time temperature lower than 25'C (Moscow had a 31'C in there somewhere!) and they were both hovering around 18'C at night.

Despite all my claims that I'm secretly a lizard and I will love the warm, it's going to be a bit of a shock coming from NZ winter. The thermomether on the wall next to me says we're almost at 16'C, and that's pretty close to the heater. I'm starting to wish I had left myself several empty days for when I first arrive! Never mind. I'll just make Damn sure that I pack my skimpiest clothing for all non-work related times!
*I'll going to melt. I am actually going to melt.*

At least the humidity in Moscow was consistently quite low. London on the other hand is going to be hot and sticky.

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