Friday, April 11, 2014

Ahh California

Who else would think of making vegan doughnuts? I mean really, cakes I can totally understand, they're delicious, moist, just light and sweet enough. You can replace the eggs, butter & milk with perfectly reasonable ingredients like soy milk and vegan margarine, and you're good to go. Turns out the best vegan chocolate cake just skips replacing the egg altogether and adds a little more baking powder, simple!

Doughnuts, on the other hand, aren't exactly worth replicating anyway. Why would you bother? Oh right, America. Must retain our right to eat ourselves to death, just with added weird diet restrictions. Gotcha. I hate to think what goes into vegan doughnuts.

Anyway, I could rant about other aspects of America, like the fact you can barely walk to the supermarket, cause there is miles of suburbia between you and it, and there is no pavement to walk there on anyway. But I won't. California is lovely and sunny (actually quite cloudy and cool today, but never mind) and I get fed more than I could ever want to eat and there is a giant organic supermarket within walking distance this time, which sells actual, real tea! And I only have to walk in the gutter part of the way there, bonus!!! (seriously, the lack of pavements is really confusing, it just appears and disappears at random, half way down a block, I guess kids just walk in the street when they go trick-or-treating at halloween?).

Okay, snack time. Maybe I should've got one of the vegan doughnuts...

Or not. Maybe for science. Another time.

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