Friday, March 28, 2014

A victorious return

So I haven't posted anything on here since I was in Berlin, despite having been to the other side of the world and back. Something to do with the other side of the world being home and such I guess.

Since, what, November? December maybe I posted last? I've been to the Netherlands to see some lovely friends, down to Italy for Christmas, then back to the UK for New Years, quickly followed by a long, long flight via Dubai and Sydney to New Zealand.

Had a wonderful trip to NZ, managed to spend some time with the parentals, see two brothers, see a number of old friends (who're slowly spreading themselves over the length of the country) and drive the length of the South Island in a day (with one of said old friends). Good times! Would've been nice to see a few other people, didn't get to see all the family and had to miss a few friends, but hopefully next time, whenever that may be.

Since I got back to the UK I've been frantically running around like a maniac doing job interviews and trials and so on and so forth, but that's all done now. Have been offered a position in Geneva, so I guess I'll be practicing my French soon enough! Very excited about it though, Geneva is an interesting city and full to the brim with ex-pats, so it should be a good adventure. And shouldn't really require too great a command of the French language, which is a big bonus cause all I can do currently is order a coffee with (non-soya) milk, or a glass of red wine. Possibly white at a push. That is the extent of my French. This should be made more hilarious by the fact that I basically can't stomach any French food, never have been able to, too much butter and cream in everything.

But I won't be over there until the end of April, so I'm not really sure what I'm doing with myself until then, maybe take a little trip or two to visit some friends. Maybe just relax, I have a bunch of boring domestic stuff to catch up on, like sew buttons back on and taking up jeans and other such things. And maybe work on mastering the delicate art of vegan baking. Vegan baking you ask? It is definitely possible, I've had DELICIOUS vegan cupcakes from Ms Cupcake... so good... Did I mention I want to move to Brixton? :-p It's an awesome part of town, but also happens to be home to the most delicious vegan bakery ever.

On that happy note, I'm off to go and think about making some delicious things for this afternoon, and possibly doing some laundry. See, domestic!

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