Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Okay so I know I haven't even updated on Scotland yet, but RUSSIA! It's a bit wild, and we are way out in the middle of nowhere (2 or 3 hours drive from Moscow). But there is internet. No cellphone, but internet.

I am itchy, and it's a bit cold. Also, I think this is the furtherest I have ever been from the sea. I realised this looking at the river that people seem to think I am going to swim in. I'm not yet convinced. I don't like swimming in rivers, especially the muddy, weedy variety which also have fish and frogs in them. Ewww. At least it means it isn't toxic I suppose. But still, eww. Give me my stony mountain rivers and lakes please!

Anyhow, time for lunch. Raiding the fridge is an interesting prospect here, I can't tell the butter from the sour cream until I open it. Never mind the fact that I don't even have names for half of what is in there!


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