Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have been a bit lazy with my blog recently, mostly due to a lack of things to say. I've just been preparing for the summer ever since coming back from Sardinia, and now it is upon up.

I got sunburnt in London.

Also, three days of work left before I go up to Scotland for a massive four-day party on the farm, otherwise known as T in the Park, one of the most awesome music festivals on the circuit. Upon returning from that NEXT Thursday, I will get one short nap in my bed before flying out for Russia on the Friday. 

Then I explore Russia, fight off mosquitoes, and life is all summery. Then some time after that I fly to the US of A for the first time, and spend the remainder of the summer in San Francisco, returning to London early September.

Overall it is looking like an excellent summer. I expect I shall be most pleased with it, and have many adventures to report back. BUt until then, it's time to go and PARTY!

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