Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Regrettable life experience:

Using the loos at Marks and Spencer. It didn't sound like a good idea, but it did sound like a convenient one. What I hadn't counted on was 4 out of the six toilets being out of order, the state of the loos, and creepy middle aged women. The one in front of me looked like she was trying to do the 'I'm an eccentric grandmother and I can make kooky cool' except she fell rather wide of the mark. The woman behind me was perhaps Eastern European (in and of itself not a problem), with a (presumably bladder-related) 'problem' and appeared to have no concept whatsoever of personal space.

Now any sensible person might have taken something from this experience and fled. But no, not me. I then headed for the cafe in M&S. Why? Very poor judgement apparently. I recall the one in Worcester having decent, if somewhat overpriced, food. Here (High Street Kensington) they seem to think that packages of food from the food hall are perfectly sufficient- they even toast the pre-made toasties for you! I am currently trying to consume some oily, yet also sweet tomato soup, accompanied by stale bread rolls. Seriously, I thought M&S was better than this. This is like a school cafeteria, not a café.

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