Saturday, September 17, 2011

London, briefly

Well, I had awesome adventures in Paris, which I am yet to have an opportunity to post about, or even look at my own pictures for, never mind sort out decent ones.

I am currently back in London. I have been since Monday actually, but I am also sick, and have been internet-deprived to boot, and over-tired. Oh and working full time, plus interviews. I leave for France again tomorrow, but this time on holiday :-D Yay canoeing and camping and stuff! It is entirely possible that I will not have an opportunity to post anything until after I get back from France, so Paris may have to wait until then. Several massive posts on France will be due by then!

In other news, I have a job trial in Athens. They're very enthusiastic about me. I am somewhat more reserved, but will wait and see. Don't judge till you've tried it and all that.

I am slightly concerned by how pleased I am to be back in England. I am enjoying things like beer, and menus that I can read rather a lot. Oh and jacket potatoes. Jacket potatoes may possibly the best thing the English ever invented so far as cooking goes. Nom nom nom.

Right, well, I better go and try to get some sleep. Dorm rooms aren't generally the best place to sleep, and I have to get up early due to their stupid check-out at ten in the morning policy. Bloody stupid policy if you ask me, my train isn't until 1pm. What am I supposed to do for three hours? It's only across the road! I hope it has good facilities like Paddington. I suppose it must. It's got to be like an international airport really. I'm sure I saw duty free shopping and stuff in the Paris station.

Time for 'sleep'

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