Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Further to my Easter escapades...

Switzerland for chocolate season- win!!!

Here are some pretty pictures. Suffice to say I will be going back to Switzerland at some point. The cows really did have bells on (yes, I did sit on the train laughing myself silly when I saw them). It was really lovely, I was charmed. And incredibly impressed by their train system. They were on time! And quiet! And double-decker trains are possibly the best thing since steam trains! They were very cool.

Here are some pictures from my bedroom window where I was staying (Lucerne). There would have been more, many more, but apparently taking pictures out of a moving train with a cellphone camera isn't terribly effective.

My most recent adventure was Cambridge (I may be waiting some time for pictures though as I didn't take them) and my next planned adventure is another fleeting trip to Athens, even more fleeting than last time. So I probably won't even bother blogging about it, I doubt it will count as an adventure (but let's not make assumptions, they always seem to be wrong when it involves travel).

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