Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The perils of morality

I don't know if I have my parents to thank for my moral standpoints, or too much time studying ethics during my philosophy degree. Probably I already had them, I just became overly aware of them thanks to the years of studying them.

They keep getting in the way. I see them everywhere. And sometimes I'm even forced to act on them. Which is fine when it's just yelling at someone across the road until they realise they've dropped their wallet, but it can get so much more intricately involved.

I did something for X with good intentions, it all turned to custard and because Y has no real moral standards, I've ended up being the one who is held responsible by both parties. All I did was try and do something nice, it didn't work out.

I've recently drawn a line in the sand about how I expect companies to treat their employees. I object to such a degree that I no longer want to be involved in the company, but I'm not in a position to actually do much about it at this point, without severely compromising my own situation.

I'm almost ready to stand firm on my line in the sand but I need some sort of back-up plan.

So for now I sit on the fence, swaying.

I know myself, I will eventually channel my stroppy four year old self and make my feelings very clear to all involved. I just hope I can be more articulate and rational than my four year old self. Probably not. But I'll feel better for it.

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