Thursday, April 7, 2011

Okay today is made of awesome.

I bought a seriously awesome hat, I drank delicious juice, I found a delicious new coffee shop (cheaper AND nicer than my previous one, and less soul-selling), AND kicked ass with my writing skillz of doom!

I am made of awesome and win and am exceptionally good at writing really boring shit. Quickly. And making it less boring.

In other news it's half past ten at night and I'm not even remotely tired. Guess I'll put the finishing touches on my masterpiece of boringness.

Isn't my hat awesome?! I can't believe it isn't mine any more. I think I might go get another one. Except that I spent a week waiting for that market stall to reappear.

I bought new headphones yesterday, they're amazing. I'm not massively into music, so I don't feel the need to get top of the range headphones like some people. And I'm not into brands, not my thing at all, totally distasteful. But I bought some Skull Candy ones because they were extra cheap and Oh. My. God. what a difference! Wow!!! They block out the background noise so well! I might actually be able to hear my music when we go through a tunnel on the tube. What a novel idea!

And a weekend away tomorrow! Wheeeee today is just awesomeness purified.

Oh yeah, did I mention summer hit London like a train today? Boobies and legs every where, along with the somewhat less aesthetically pleasing hairy chests. Summer dresses! Or, more correctly to some, short skirt season (you know who you are!). Heeeee yay!

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