Sunday, October 19, 2014

Count me a bit slow,

I know a good swath of my friends have been reading this sort of stuff for years, but hey, I've been busy adventuring the world. I still am, it's just that my interest in other stuff is growing too, and I have too much time for bumming around on the internet. This here is a list of websites that I want to keep somewhere accessible to check in on when I feel like updating myself with the happenings of the world.
As it says, radical book sellers. For next time I feel like I need something to read.
For working out what I want to read.
A feminist blog, because some interesting people write for it.
Because several I keep hearing it mentioned in connection to interesting people.
Because they get mentioned a lot in connection to interesting people as well.

Anyway, that was mainly a list of things that I might like to keep track of, but am certain to forget the names of when I actually want to read them, so now I have them here, and, you know, might as well share.

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