Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving to Barcelona!

Now from my last post you would think I would find that terribly exciting. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to being there. But fuck it, major packing AGAIN. You see I may not come back to Geneva, it may be straight to London from Barcelona (which would be fine with me, but OMFG seriously?!).

'Home' is a concept that has lost all meaning to me. I have lived at work for the past four years basically. When I'm not at work I'm travelling. I think I am finally getting travel weary. I want somewhere to call home. I'm tired of constantly packing.

The longest I've stayed in one country this year is two months, and that was visiting New Zealand. I wasn't exactly non-nomadic there either, I only stayed a few weeks in each place, tops! Since then a week in the UK, a weekend in Geneva, a week in the UK, three weeks in the US, two weeks in the UK, a few weeks in Geneva, a weekend in Barcelona, a few weeks in Geneva, a weekend in France, a week in Geneva, a week in UK, a week in Barcelona, a week in Geneva, now, maybe, a few months in Barcelona. Looking like I'll go to Belgium in August too... :-o

Anyway, as it was travel-relevant, I thought I would whine on my blog for a change, instead of just at my friends by email. I gather they're sick of it :-p

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