Monday, December 10, 2012

"Sam, you're like a pink and purple and black and red and blue ninja!"

Yessss! I'm the most colourful ninja the world has never seen!!!

Kids are awesome :-D

Apologies for ignoring my blog for such an incredibly long time. If we're really lucky, I might manage to update it some time soon, with some pictures from my holiday back in September/October. I know, it's almost Christmas, and I'm due to travel again, and I haven't updated from last time. I had some problems with my camera okay?! No, really, I did. It looked like all of my pictures from the whole trip were gone. Luckily I have clever geek friends everywhere who can do nifty shit like getting deleted pictures off memory cards. Yay! Some are ruined, it's true, but it looks like the vast majority have survived undamaged, so there will be pictures, eventually. Here's one to keep you going:

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