Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jet-lag is a curious thing

It's more than just tiredness, although that is obviously a part of it. I actually feel like I've got up at 1 in the morning, after a few hours sleep. I'm in that amusingly helpless state where I am somewhat of a danger to myself and others. I got yogurt from the fridge, tried to put the lid in the cutlery drawer instead of the bin, and promptly put it away in the pantry when I was finished.

2am is not a good time for waking up. Thanks to the invention of portable dvd players this wasn't quite so horrendous as it could have been, and children were put back to bed with a dvd player and a selection of disks. I am not what would be considered a conscientious nanny at 2am and severely sleep deprived. However my plans only partially succeeded, and I did not sleep any further

So once my trusty suppliers on the corner had opened, I went down for coffee, and at least managed to order one, and even pay for it.

This was a somewhat embarrassing affair, as upon receiving the delicious beverage I discovered a large man between myself and the lids. I suspect I must have had an exceptionally confused look on my face, as the man serving reached over and got one for me, which he attempted to give me. Epic fail. Once I had it, it became clear I was functioning at a very low level; after observing precisely how incapable I was he took pity and put the lid on my coffee, looking thoroughly amused. This is almost on a level with my worst ever hangover. Almost. Jet-lag is rough! Jet-lagged kids are even worse.

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