Sunday, January 15, 2012

Caribbean Adventures part V

Finally! Took a while I know, but I wanted to sort through some pictures before I put them up. I had a tour of Nevis on Boxing day I think it was, which was interesting. Nevis is small. Really small. 12,000 people all up. It feels a lot like the East Coast of New Zealand wrapped into a circle to be an island, and dropped into a different sea. The lifestyle (coastal), the laid-back atmosphere. Oh, did I mention the size? There was a definitely everybody-knows-everybody feel. Presumably because everybody does more or less know everybody on the island. So yeah, here are some pictures anyway.

I took this one looking East and possibly South a bit. If you look really hard you can see the outline of another island, which is I believe Antigua, although I can't quite recall.
This is peeking though the not-quite-rainforest up at Nevis Peak. It is an actual mountain at 985m, but only just. And it is semi-permanently covered in cloud, this was the only time I actually saw it without cloud for he whole trip. Handily it was while I was free to take pictures and do stuff.
This is part of an old sugar mill. It's mostly ruins now, but they were quite interesting. I guess because it is such a small place they can't afford to make things in to tourist attractions, but I would've been interested in seeing a bit more, like how they worked and stuff. This one was in the grounds of a hotel complex, they have turned some into bits of an outdoor restaurant and things like that, it was pretty neat.
Looking North to St Kitts. I would have liked to look around St Kitts, but no chance this time around.
Me on Pinny's beach on Boxing day. Newly braided and just finished my tour of Nevis. The background is the beach where we spent most of our time, and in the distance you can see St Kitts again.
Pinny's beach at sunset. There were some stunning sunsets! And sunrises, but I was less excited to see those.

That concludes my final post from the Caribbean, almost two weeks after getting back to London. But don't shoot me yet, I never did get around to doing that one from France. And that was in the summer! "But I've been busy!" she moans....

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