Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I haven't *actually* moved to Sibera,

it just feels like I have. I have a new least favourite weather condition- freezing fog. Usually I like fog, it's fun and you have to guess what is where and it makes things look so dramatic! But freezing fog is SO cold! We've had quite a few days recently where the temperature hasn't even got up to freezing point! It was was fun when it was just snow, I took these pictures the second day after it snowed, we actually got several inches deep in the end, quite a bit more than in these pictures. It's mostly melted around home, but at work it is just awful. The snow only partially melted in the streets, and now it has all frozen again in to ice. Not just little thin sheets of ice, but several inches thick from the snow which didn't melt properly! It's like walking on an ice-skating rink just going to the corner shop! But apparently it's worse further north, I heard people got stranded on the motorway for over 18 hours in Scotland the other night! I have to admit I appreciate the central heating when the temperatures are fluctuating between -8 and -1 between day and night. I think it's might have warmed up a little today, the sun is actually out, but it has been awfully cold! And everything is still frozen in the mornings. I took some pictures on my cellphone the other day of the frost and ice, it was amazingly pretty. Hoar frost apparently, according to the weather presenter. That was the day of the freezing fog.

Some pictures of the pretty snow in the Malvern hills, when it was just a sprinkling.

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