Monday, October 25, 2010

Leaves light trees autumn hills pretty!

So I went for a walk today (updating on the same day!), it was very pretty. It's decidedly autumn now, to me it is practically winter. There was frost on the ground at three O'clock in the afternoon! That means winter to me, deep, dark depths of Winter. But as it is the North side of the hill (I'm pretty sure it's north anyway), the sun disappears by four in the afternoon completely from Malvern, and in parts of the hills it clearly never gets there at all this time of year.

But it was a beautiful day, just the right sort of weather for a walk- cool enough that you don't
get hot and sticky, but not cold enough to need too much extra clothing. And beautifully sunny, completely blue skies as far as you can see, which is quite far from what is probably the highest hills in England. Definitely the highest in the county- you can see Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Wales to the west and..... I forget what is south and east. Wikipedia informs me it is mostly Gloucestershire in both directions, I haven't been exploring there yet. Sadly I haven't see anything to pull me in there yet either, I'm thinking about heading north for my next adventure, but more on that later. First,
the prettiness of Malvern in Autumn!

Okay so I just got called to the pub, bad luck for the formatting, sorry!

From the top:
Malvern hills looking Northwest

The Malvern Priory (dating from really old, almost 1000 years I think)

More hills, they were really pretty!

Almost all the other ones are various views north(ish) so vaguely of Worcestershire mostly.

This last one is of the pond outside St Annes well, which is where people used to come for water healing in Victorian times, apparently it was quite the thing to do. And probably the reason for such an ridiculously lovely train station.

Well I shall love you and leave you, I need a shower before I can possibly leave the house. And I've got dreadful hat-hair, thanks to my pink sparkly beanie. Not kidding! I've got matching gloves and scarf too, although the fingers of the gloves are about an inch too long.

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